Guidelines For The Best Man
Bestman for ceremory
Here are some guidelines to help the Best Man. Please remember, these are just some of the standard duties. You may be asked to help in other ways, you may be asked to simply offer moral support... Whatever the Best Man may do, it is important to the overall outcome of the Ceremony.

  • Arrange for a Bachelor Party; whether it is a dinner, a weekend, or a wild night out, you are responsible for arranging the plans as well as the guests. Please keep the tastes and morals of others in mine. Have fun but don't do something you'll be sorry for later.
  • Help the groom with the formal wear arrangements. What size does everyone need, where can you pick it all up, etc.
  • Assist with many of the details. Chances are, the Groom will be too nervous to remember everything.
    • Keep the bride's ring until the ceremony.
    • Ensure the groom's timely arrival at the ceremony. Check with DJ for announcements.
    • Offer to arrange payment for the officiate.
    • Offer to arrange payment for the transportation company.
    • Offer the first toast to the couple. Make it flattering to the bride, romantic, and witty! Your DJ can offer some suggestions.
    • Offer to help in any other way. Calm anyone who seems stressed.
    • Arrange the bride and groom's departure. Make sure it goes smoothly.
    • Offer to return the groom's formal wear if necessary.
  • Deliver a message to the brides parents from the newlyweds thanking them for the fantastic celebration.