Ceremony Music Planner

Helping to plan the Ceremony

To help The Master of Ceremony organize the people in your Wedding Party, he should ask that you take some time and list those activities and music selections for your Ceremony. If there will not be an activity in a space, leave it blank. List only those items you want in your Ceremony.

Wedding Date:_______________________ Ceremony Start Time:_____________

Guests Arrival Time:_________________________

Name of person organizing your Ceremony: __________________________________________

Name/phone of person performing Ceremony: ________________________________________

Type of Background Music for Guests: ______________________________________________

Music for Parents Seating: ________________________________________________________

Music for Groom/Usher/Minister to enter: ___________________________________________

Music for Ringbearer/Flowergirls/Maids to enter: _____________________________________

Music for Bride to enter: _________________________________________________________

Music played during Ceremony: ___________________________________________________

Music for Bride/Groom to exit after Ceremony: _______________________________________

Music for Guests to leave:_______________________________________________________

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