Guidelines For The Maid Of Honor
maid of honor, bridal party

Being asked to be Maid of Honor or one of the Bridesmaids is meant to be an honor. Since you are thought of as one of the bride's closest friends, it is only natural that you would be willing to help as the Maid Of Honor. Offer your assistance whenever possible, do not complain that you do not like the dresses, and offer moral support whenever possible! The bride will appreciate your assistance and cooperation! There are many things the Maid of Honor can help with. Some of the other Bridal Party members can also help out when needed.

  • The Maid of Honor can assist Bride in choosing a dress.
  • Maid of Honor assists Bride in choosing Bridesmaid or Bridal Party dresses.
  • Confirm timely delivery of bridesmaid dresses (each member of the Bridal Party)*.
  • Help with little organizational details if asked.
  • Help with invitation addressing.
  • Help with making favors.
  • Maid of Honor and bridesmaids host a bridal shower.
  • Let guest know where couple is registered*
  • Help the bride get dressed on her wedding day*.
  • Hold groom's ring on wedding day*.
  • Hold Bride's bouquet during vows*.
  • Straighten bride's veil and train when necessary*.
  • Help bride in any way possible, before and during the wedding.
  • Offer moral support whenever necessary.
  • Maid of Honor can assist DJ with the guests names.

* = Traditionally Maid of Honor responsibilities.

maid of honor, bridal party    
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